Disappointing Day for GET2LS

Disappointing day for GET2LS, we were very hopeful that we would be included in the following announcement.

Thirty Galway schools included in new school building programme

The very hard working committee have put a huge amount of time and energy into highlighting the need for a second level ET, and I’m sure we will all be gathering together to both commiserate and to plan our way forward. Galway still needs aSecond Level Educate Together, We will keep you posted on our next steps.

We also want to thank Derek Nolan for all his ongoing support, we appreciate it.

“However, Dep Nolan was critical of the new programme, saying it was “disappointing” that the “need for a new second level school has not been identified”. He said: “I had hoped such a decision would have allowed for the development of Galway’s first Educate Together secondary school to offer a multi-denominational choice at second level to the five Galway primary schools already in existence. This need for choice still remains. The Department itself has stated that this demographic pressure will be kept under review.”

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