In order to succeed we need to show support for this initiative from the parents of potential students. If you’re interested, make sure to fill out our expression of interest form below.

The submission of this form does not pre-enrol children for places if/when such a school is opened, nor does it imply any commitment on your behalf.  However it is one of the most important methods by which we can demonstrate the level of demand to the Department of Education, and your support would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Please enter details of at least one child. The expected year of entry refers to the year in which you expect your child to enter the first year of second level. Only submissions for children entering second level between 2019 and 2023 can be accepted. Date of birth is in the format dd/mm/yy or dd/mm/yyyy and can be entered directly or using the date picker.
  • This form is an ‘Expression of Interest’, in the set up of an Educate Together second level school only; it does not guarantee the child(ren) named will be offered a place if/when such a school is opened.


For details concerning how the data you submit will be handled please see our privacy statement