GET2LS Enters Better Together Competition

We have entered a video promoting our campaign in the Better Together competition. We believe that if we can achieve a very high number of votes for this video (or perhaps even win!) we can use this as further evidence of how much support there is for an Educate Together second-level school in Galway.

The link at which you can cast your (daily!) vote is:

The voting period for this competition runs from September 25th – November 21st 2014. During this period we are asking our supporters to do 2 things:

1. Vote once a day every day – voting takes only a few seconds.

2. Ask your extended family, friends, colleagues and other contacts to vote by emailing them the link below and sharing the link on your Facebook page.

Voting is not limited to those who have children who are hoping to attend an Educate Together second-level school in Galway. Rather, anyone anywhere who supports our campaign is invited to vote.

Thank you very much in advance for your support. We strongly believe that if we work together we can achieve an Educate Together second-level school for all our children in Galway.

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